At least 20 buffalo carcasses found at Bwabwata

At least 20 buffalo carcasses found at Bwabwata
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The outbreak in the Zambezi Region, believed to be Anthrax that has killed over 100 hippos, appears to have also affected the buffalo population in the area.
While flying over the area, this weekend, covering the hippo deaths, NBC News team noticed a few buffalo carcasses, with the ministry now confirming that at least 20 buffaloes have been found, which will also be send for testing.
The ministry first noticed numerous hippos dying on 30 September.
On Saturday, a stench, as a result of the decomposed carcasses, made it difficult for people to remain in the area for long.
NBC News spoke to tourism establishment owners in the area who said because the hippo deaths are only in the Mahango Core area, where no boat rides are allowed, tourism have not yet been affected, although some have received complaints from tourist during game drives.
The ministry has also pleaded with communities living in the area not to eat the meat of the dead animals.