Malicious damage to property case opened at Henties Bay

Malicious damage to property case opened at Henties Bay
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New Era

A case of malicious damage to property was opened at Henties Bay. A suspect attempted to burn down The Gallows, using methylated spirits.
They also tried to chop it down but failed. It was further established that the hangman's noose, which was on The Gallows, has been removed, suspected by the same person(s).
Their motive is unknown.
The landmark was erected 42 years ago by residents as an appeal to keep the beach and town clean.
Recently, Namibians agitated for the removal of the stump with hangman's noose in a petition.
They demanded that the Henties Bay Municipality remove the landmark within two weeks.
The petition, started by media personality Mavis Braga Elias, stated, "the disclaimer that lynching is not a part of Namibia’s history is both incorrect and intended to gloss over the atrocities and prejudice faced by the Namibian people at the hands of colonisation. Though it is understood that lynching may not have taken place at the landmark, one cannot deny the vexatious innuendo it was intended to send. Nor can one deny the history of the execution and lynching of the innocent lives of Namibian citizens during the Nama Herero Genocide."
Police investigations continue.