Mayeyi Traditional Authority calls for extension of Mudumu National Park borders

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The Mayeyi Traditional Authority in the Zambezi Region has repeated its call on the Government to extend the Mudumu National Park borders towards the eastern side.
It says this will create living space for rural communities who were removed from the park during the colonial era, who are now destitute.
Chief Boniface Shufu made the call at the recent Batsara Cultural Festival.
Shufu explained that members of the Mayeyi who were relocated from Nakatwa to the Lianshulu village in 1981, still faced a challenge of space for settlement and agricultural activities.
Authories arrested residents who crossed park boundaries three-years ago in search of space to settle.
The group lives without clean drinking water and often collects water and firewood from the park.
Chief Shufu further expressed concern over the increasing number of wildlife in the area, which increases the risk for human/wildlife conflict.
He said living space was becoming scarce with increasing human population, thereby increasing human-wildlife conflict and loss of human lives.
The Mudumu and Nkasa Rupara National Parks are both located around the area where members of the Mayeyi community settled, taking up approximately one-thousand-300 square kilometers.