Media awards to be scooped during the 38th SADC Summit

Media awards to be scooped during the 38th SADC Summit
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Media awards will be scooped during the 38th SADC Summit currently underway in the capital.
Since 1996 the SADC Secretariat introduced media awards to promote regional media in disseminating information.
NBC News team caught up with the previous NBC winners of the SADC media awards to find out the importance of the awards.
Jacqueline Hindjou-Mafwila was the first Namibian journalist to win this SADC Media Award in 2009.
She wrote a story on the challenges faced by SADC journalists when in terms covering the effects and interventions of HIV/AIDS.
In 2013, Hindjou-Mafwila again received another award.
Mafwila said it takes dedication, persistence and going an extra mile.
Steven Ndorokaze won the award in 2013 for his excellent and insightful documentary on the Trans-Kalahari Highway.
Ndorokaze said as a journalist he sometimes even finds himself in risky situations just to tell significant stories.
He said such an award is a boost to do more, encouraging other journalists to participate.