Media Ombudsman calls on journalists to unite against threats

Media Ombudsman calls on journalists to unite against threats
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Media Ombudsman John Nakuta says the latest incident of a journalist from the Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA), Edward Mukungu Mumbuu should serve as a wake-up call for journalists to create a union, to serve as a mouthpiece against any form of censorship, intimidation or unfair labour practices.
Nakuta described the move by the editor in question at NAMPA as self-censorship and unfair labour practice.
He also cited an unfair labour practice registered, where the same agency fired a freelance reporter for expressing his views on the Fishrot scandal during a television show last year.
Nakuta says issues relating to labour practices fall outside of his mandate, hence the need for journalists to unite against such threats.
He said, all these instances point to the very strong need for journalists to organise themselves to establish a union, a journalist union because these kinds of things go to the core of unfair labor practices and working conditions, which doesn't necessarily fall within the mandate of the Media Ombudsman.
Meanwhile, the Popular Democratic Movement Youth League (PDMYL) promised to lodge a complaint against NAMPA editor's conduct, with Nakuta.
The youth league confirmed that the complaint is for the censorship and victimisation of journalist Mumbuu.
It further said, NAMPA is insinuating that journalists are not free and fair and do not report without fear or favour. Henceforth, the PDMYL cannot allow NAMPA to rape democracy, censor journalists and divert opinions.
PDMYL will also write a letter to the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.