Minister Jooste raises concern over N$8,5 billion SOE wage bill

Minister Jooste raises concern over N$8,5 billion SOE wage bill
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Public Enterprise Minister Leon Jooste said profitable entities improved their revenue from N$840 000 million to N$1,1 billion for the 2016-17 through 2018-19 financial years.
He said these SOEs jointly employ 17 000 Namibians but he raised concern at the wage bill of these institutions, which he said amounts to N$8,5 billion.
Speakers at a governance and management meeting of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) say some of these institutions are inefficient and others are under-performing.
The meeting, which started Thursday at Swakopmund, is being attended by managers of SOEs in the country and hopes to drive these entities towards growth.
The minister said at this rate, the wage bill is beyond the 27% average for African countries.
He said the long-term goal is to transform the ministry and SOEs' and their operations and make them performance orientated.
German Embassy Counsellor for Development Co-operation, Gerlinde Sauer said most SOEs are either operating inefficiently or not performing.
She pledged Germany's support to the Public Enterprise Ministry with the development of an effective performance management system.
Sauer said N$32 million will go towards that support.