Ministry of Fisheries underspends by N$6,7 million

Ministry of Fisheries underspends by N$6,7 million
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The Fisheries and Marine Resources Ministry underspent by N$6,7 million for the financial year ended March 2017.
That was revealed in an audit report of the Auditor-General Junias Kandjeke.
Tabled in the National Assembly by Finance Deputy Minister Natangwe Ithete recently, the report revealed that the underspending arose from cutting on some services and costs.
These included the cancellation of a number of overseas and local trips by the offices of the minister and his deputy, reduced sea voyages, fewer beach and river patrols, and less maintenance done on the research vessels.
According to the report, the cancellation of the N$1,1 million construction project of the ministry's office for the Kavango regions contributed to spending cuts.
Kandjeke disclosed that the construction of the ministry's regional office did not progress as planned, as the contractor that was awarded the contract could not fulfil the obligations.
He urged the ministry to put measures in place to avoid under-spending, and ensure that planned projects are implemented in compliance with treasury instructions.
Documentary reviews by the auditor also revealed that the ministry has eight stock control points, but stock-taking is only conducted at five of these points.