Ministry of Mines and Energy, NBC sign broadcasting agreement

 NBC, Ministry of Mines and Energy sign broadcasting agreement

The Ministry Mines and Energy signed a broadcasting agreement of about N$4 million for a period of three years with the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) in Windhoek, today.
The Ministry's executive director said there is a growing call from the public for ministries and government agencies to be transparent in disseminating information regarding them.
Further explaining that it is important for the public to know that what ministries do and how they can benefit from the services and projects of these ministries.
Simeon Negumbo said they decided to enter into an agreement with NBC as a way of promoting the ministry's operations and to market the ministry's strategic plan.
He added that through the partnership they will be able to educate the public on the importance of the mining and energy sector.
The NBC Director-General honoured the agreement saying, that through NBC the ministry will be able to reach out to a larger audience through its platforms.
Stanely Similo further added that such agreements are vital to the NBC as they lessen the challenges the broadcaster is experimenting currently.
The agreement will be effective from April and the ministry will be remunerating the NBC about N$1,3 million every year over three years.
Whereas NBC will be responsible for producing documentaries, promos, adverts and others that will be aired on its platforms.