Mopani trees harvested at an alarming rate in Zambezi

Mopani trees harvested at an alarming rate in Zambezi
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The Forestry department has discovered harvesting of Mopani trees, going on, on an alarming scale in the Zambezi Region.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has expressed concern about the illegal harvesting of Mopani trees.
A senior forestry technician at Katima Mulilo, Joseph Simataa, says having uncovered the scheme, the Forestry department now plans to involve both the Namibian Police and their Zambian counterparts, to address the issue together.
The culprits are believed to be Zambian nationals, who are cutting down the trees along the Namibia/Zambia border, to produce charcoal.
The Zambezi Region reportedly often falls prey to criminals, entering the country to fell trees, illegally.
The trees are reportedly used in charcoal production at the Wenela border with Zambia.
Simataa further cautioned Namibians who are illegally harvesting the Mopani tree, to stop the practice, to avoid deforestation in the area.
He says those who need poles to construct houses or kraals in the area, should apply for permits to do so.