More opposition parties reject coalition option with SWAPO

More opposition parties reject coalition option with SWAPO
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SWAPO has suggested open to get into marriage with National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) and the United Democratic Front (UDF) but the two opposition parties have also rejected coalition option with SWAPO outright.
The just-ended Local Authority Elections saw the vote split so much that most political parties failed to obtain an outright majority and, therefore, have to now form coalitions to assume the mantle in these local authorities.
This seems to be an increasingly daunting mission for SWAPO as opposition parties are explicitly adamant on "anyone but SWAPO" in coalition talks.
The party lost an unprecedented number of seats in areas such as Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Oranjemund, Luderitz, Windhoek, Mariental, Kavango East and Keetmanshoop.
The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) and Landless People's Movement (LPM), were among the first parties to distance themselves from the governing party.
PDM's Manuel Ngaringombe, in a letter to his party's regional leadership, over the weekend, directed them to negotiate coalitions with any party except SWAPO.
The Landless People's Movement (LPM) was also clear that they will not to get into any marriage with SWAPO.
Dr Job Amupanda of the Affirmative Repositioning (RA) Movement, who won two seats on the Windhoek City Council, also says the capital will be in the hands of united progressive forces, not SWAPO.
While the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) has remained reserved on the issue. Suggestions are that they too would shun SWAPO.
It has, however, come as a surprise when a letter making rounds on social media, purportedly from SWAPO, suggesting it'll go into coalition with NUDO and UDF emerged, racing eyebrows and chuckles as the two parties don't command a high enough number of seats to help SWAPO in any local authority.
SWAPO, having lost its two-thirds majority in last year's National Assembly Elections by one seat, has overcome that hurdle by making one of NUDO's two seats in Parliament, Dr Utjiua Muinjangue, Deputy Minister of Health.
A report from a daily paper on Monday claimed that LPM is ready to go into coalition with SWAPO.
LPM leader Henny Seibeb has, however, distanced LPM from any possible coalition with SWAPO.
Davey van Wyk a member of the UDF Central Committee, and incoming Councillor of Karibib, says UDF has not received any proposal for coalition from SWAPO, but would also outright reject such proposal as it goes against the stance of the party.
NUDO secretary-general, Joseph Kauandenge also made it clear that members of NUDO have rejected any possibility of a coalition with SWAPO.
If SWAPO fails to woo other parties to form coalitions with it it will be left no choice but to take its seats in the opposition benches.
Repeated calls made to SWAPO spokesperson Hilma Nicanor were not answered and a text message enquiry on the matter received no comment except that she was in a meeting.