N$ 2,4 million needed for the hosting of the SWAITEX

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The Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry Swakopmund Branch needs 2,4 million dollars to host its fourth annual International Trade Expo, SWAITEX, at the town this year.
The event is scheduled to take place from the 13th to the 15th of October at the Dome, previously known as the Swakopmund Indoor Sports Centre.
About 330 exhibitors from various regions and SADC countries, such as South Africa and Zambia, are expected to showcase their products.
The Branch Chairperson says SWAITEX provides a great opportunity for members and international businesses to network.
Paul Ndjambula believes that employment-creation is only possible, if businesses grow in size and number.
He, therefore, encourages corporate companies to support small and medium enterprises, SMEs.
Ndjambula stresses that SMEs play a crucial role in the economy of every country, including Namibia.
He says the youth needs to play an active role in the local economy, by starting businesses and creating more jobs.
A fundraising gala dinner for the SWAITEX will be held on the 15-th of September.