Namibia banking sector receives third most malware attacks in the world

Namibia banking sector receives third most malware attacks in the world
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Namibia ranks third in the world when it comes to malware attacks on the banking sector, says Kaspersky, a multinational cybersecurity firm.
According to Kaspersky, about 2.9% of malware attacks globally are targeted towards Namibian banks.
But the cybersecurity company only knows this because the banks are using their software.
A number of cyber events within government institutions remain unreported which is made worse by the fact that there is no legal framework in place says the Deputy Director of Policy and Regulations in MICT, Elisabeth Ujarura Kamutueza.
The country is now working on developing a national cybersecurity strategy at a four-day workshop organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat.
Anthony Ming, a Technology and Cyber Security Strategist says most Namibians are not aware of the consequences of a successful cyber-attack so they are not worried about their systems getting hacked.
He says 80% of cyber-attacks can be avoided by practicing cyber hygiene.
These can range from using password protection, frequently updating patches, limiting access rights to certain individuals only and banning the use of portable devices.
The cybersecurity workshop is supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat under the Commonwealth cyber declaration which requires safe and secure cyberspace for all Commonwealth people.