Namibian students in China express frustration and fear through WeChat group

Namibian students in China express frustration and fear through WeChat group
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Two months since the Coronavirus outbreak was first detected, Namibian students under lockdown in China have started expressing their frustration and fear through a WeChat group.
WeChat is a messaging and social media application.
The group has been created by the Namibian Embassy in China to closely monitor the situation on the ground and consist of 463 participants.
This was revealed by the Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, Itah Kandjii-Murangi while briefing the national assembly on the status of Namibian students in China.
As China continues to implement the mandatory countrywide lockdown with no person allowed to go out in public places, the only way for Namibian students studying in China to communicate and update each other on the status of their health is through WeChat.
The group is also being used as a tool to provide feedback, encouragement and counselling.
There are approximately 500 Namibians studying and living in China, 56 of them are Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) sponsored students while the majority of them are privately sponsored.
Twenty-seven students reside in Wuhan, the town at the epicentre of the outbreak.
No Namibian has been reported to be infected by the virus anywhere in China so far.
The Chinese government has been supplying the students with necessities such as food, medicine, masks and water.
The death toll from the coronavirus has risen to more than 2 700 worldwide, with the vast majority in mainland China.
The total number of global cases stands at over 80 000 that keeps rising on a daily basis.