National Judicial Conference declares the need for reforms in judicial system

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The National Judicial Conference has declared the need for reforms in the judicial system, particularly in criminal justice, to address existing challenges.
These include the delay and postponement of cases, which at times erode the rights of suspects who are acquitted at the end of trials.
The meeting, whose resolutions were read by the Chief Magistrate, Johanna Salionga, noted the need to create trust between the system and citizens as well as to uphold and protect their rights and dignity.
It further resolved to improve quality and reduce case-backlogs as well as to pay judicial officers well so that they are not prone to be bribed.
Judicial officers were discouraged from advising victims to withdraw cases as such advice amounted to denying justice to those who seek it.
Protection of witnesses and the need for a specialised children court are also some of the resolutions taken.