NDF raises the country's security to its highest level

NDF raises the country's security to its highest level
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The Namibian Defence Force (NDF) has elevated the country's security to its highest level and necessary measures are in place to protect national key points and citizens.
This follows threats of violence, assassinations and civil war made by certain individuals and groups during the elections campaign on social media platforms.
According to Air Vice Marshall Martin Pinehas, the acting chief of the NDF, the highest security level means whatever wrong move to disturb the peace or any attempt to cause harm or threaten lives, the NDF will have no time to question but will act accordingly to safeguard lives.
Major General Josua Namhindo says the threats pose the risk of intimidating voters and destroy national unity and cause displeasure towards the Head of State and Government.
He reminded the nation that the electoral system of Namibia does not provide for the dissolution of government during the time of elections and the current Government will remain in power until 21 March 2020.
He added that the NDF will continue to serve the government of the day as prescribed.
Tourists have also been assured that the NDF and other security agencies will be on high alert at all times.