New Global TB caucus aims to see parliamentarians fight the epidemic

New Global TB caucus aims to see parliamentarians fight the epidemic
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National Assembly has launched the Global TB Caucus, a platform for parliamentarians to contribute to the fight against tuberculosis.
The Global TB Caucus is a unique international network of parliamentarians with support in more than 130 countries.
It is led by its members for its members with the support of dedicated secretariats.
Members work collectively and individually to end the TB epidemic but individual efforts are required to make the needed impact.
PDM MP Elma Dienda is the chairperson of the Namibia Parliamentary TB Caucus.
She says the Global TB caucus is also intended to raise awareness about the disease among politicians for them to step up their advocacy efforts that are imperative to ending the scourge.
Health and Social Services Deputy Minister Juliet Kavetuna says Namibia has one of the highest per capita burdens of TB in the world despite commendable progress in the fight against the disease registered.
She says while the trend is positive and encouraging the figure she highlighted needs increased attention.
The launch of the TB caucus is also in preparation for the high level meeting of the United Nation General Assembly on the fight against tuberculosis where the results from the Survey conducted across Namibia 2017 to 2018 will be shared.