Nicodemus gets two life sentences for killing two women

Nicodemus gets two life sentences for killing two women
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Lukas Nicodemus, who was earlier this month found guilty of killing two women and burning their bodies in the capital in January 2016, was on Tuesday sentenced to two life imprisonments.
Nicodemus, 49, was sentenced by High Court Judge Christie Liebenberg on Tuesday morning for the deaths of Windhoek residents Johanie Naruses, 29, and Clemensia de Wee, 23.
On the two charges of murder, he was found guilty with direct intent to kill both women and was sentenced to life imprisonment on each of the two counts.
Nicodemus was also sentenced to eight years imprisonment in respect of a third count of defeating the course of justice when he dumped and burned the victims’ bodies at a dumpsite in the Pionierspark residential area during the period between 6 and 7 January 2016, in an attempt to conceal the crime.
In addition, Nicodemus, in terms of the provisions of Section 35 of the Criminal Procedures Act of 1977, was declared unfit to possess a firearm for a period of five years upon the completion of his custodial punishment.
Lastly, his personal registered firearm (pistol) he used during the commission of the brutal crime was forfeited to the State.
Namibia’s prison authorities regard a life term of imprisonment as a sentence of a minimum of 20 years in jail, and according to the Prisons Act, a prisoner has to serve half of his sentence before being considered eligible for release on parole.
“The two women lost their lives in a gruesome and brutal manner when Lukas Nicodemus shot and killed them while they were both seated inside his car. Nicodemus’ decision not to give evidence in mitigation of sentencing shows that he has no remorse at all in respect of his wrong actions,” the judge said.
Judge Liebenberg in sentencing continued: “The two women died cruel and undignified deaths and jealousy led to the deaths of the two women. The circumstances of this case calls for the removal of the convict from the society for a lengthy period of time. In my view, the appropriate punishment in this case is direct imprisonment.”
The court rejected as false and afterthoughts Nicodemus’ defence evidence claiming that a certain Bennie was the real person who killed the two women.
At the beginning of the trial in 2018, Nicodemus denied committing the brutal offences and told the court he had no knowledge of the incident.
He will serve his two life sentences at the Windhoek Central Correctional Facility.
Nicodemus is a first-time offender.
He was working for the Ministry of Works and Transport as an investigator at the time of the commission of the offences.
Legal Aid-funded defence lawyer Kalundu Kamwi represented Nicodemus while State Advocate Cliff Lutibezi appeared for the prosecution.