NPL makes Young African suspension u-turn hours before league kick-off

NPL makes Young African suspension u-turn hours before league kick-off
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The Namibia Premier League (NPL) executive committee has made a dramatic u-turn in the suspension of Gobabis-based Young African from participating in all NPL football activities, pending the finalisation of the disciplinary proceedings against them.
In a press release issued Friday afternoon the NPL executive committee said it received and considered a recommendation from the league's prosecutor to consider lifting the suspension of Young African football club.
The recommendation was made after the NPL prosecutor received a letter from legal representatives, acting on behalf of Young African, wherein the club committed themselves to have the disciplinary hearing as soon as possible, so as to minimise any prejudice that the league may suffer.
The executive committee thus resolved to lift the suspension of Young African with immediate effect.
It further instructed the Secretariat to rescheduled the recently postponed Young African-Citizens match, at the earliest convenient time.
Both Young African and Citizens were seen at the NPL office earlier, arranging and readying themselves for their match at the Legare Stadium in Gobabis tomorrow afternoon at 16h00.
The decision to suspend Young African stems from alleged use of a Zimbabwean player Tapiwa Musekiwa who played for the club under an alleged false passport bearing another name in the past NPL season.