Online violence against children and young women a cause for concern

Online violence against children and young women a cause for concern
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Online violence against children and young women is a cause for concern in Namibia.
A study carried out by the Internet Society Namibia Chapter and the First Lady's Office revealed that the increase of internet use is giving birth to all forms of cyber crime.
The Government and the general public undermine the effects of cyber crime on adolescents and young women.
First Lady Monica Geingos, emphasised the need to capacitate and empower young people on how to use online resources safely and identify online red flags.
The First Lady said, "one of our biggest weaknesses in society is violence against women and children, and we should not be surprised that this is the same weaknesses that we have online, while women regularly receive private messages intended to threaten, humiliate, silence or harness. The online space has extended the experience of violent words, threatening attitudes, silence tactics, as well as death rage threats."
Cyber crime is trapping young learners in Namibia and in most cases parents who are not aware and often misunderstand their children's behaviours.
The First Lady stressed the need to train parents, teachers and police officers on how to identify and manage online violence, considering that Namibia has no clear laws to deal with cyber crime related law suits.
She added that, "young people who can afford it, spend a lot of time online, perpetrators know this and have moved their criminal and abusive behaviours online as well. Often disguising themselves as young people to gain the trust of their victims. Crimes involving young people and women are happening online and our laws have to catch up with these developments."
Lack of appropriate legislature, she says is a serious challenge to deal with GBV.
This she says has impelled her office to dedicate significant resources to various forms of online violence.