Opposition parties adamant on 'anyone but SWAPO' in coalition talks

Opposition parties adamant on 'anyone but SWAPO' in coalition talks
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Inevitable opposition coalitions, following the just-ended Regional Council and Local Authority Elections, suggest efforts to cripple the governing SWAPO party by denying it power.
A letter from Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) secretary-general, Manuel Ngaringombe, directed to the party's regional leadership, says PDM is open to form coalitions with any political formation for joint management of regional and local authorities.
Ngaringombe is, however, bluntly clear in his party's resolve to distance itself from SWAPO.
"You are urged not to go in any coalition agreement with SWAPO," Ngaringombe's letter says.
He says this is a golden opportunity to unite the opposition and topple SWAPO while saving the country from 30 years of "maladministration".
Deputy leader of the Landless People's Movement (LPM), Henny Seibeb also told this reporter at the weekend that LPM will settle for any political party but SWAPO.
The LPM dominated the Hardap and //Kharas regions in both local authority and regional council elections.
Dr Job Amupanda of the Affirmative Repositioning (RA) Movement, who won two seats on the Windhoek City Council, also took to social media immediately after the announcement of the results saying the capital will be in the hands of united progressive forces, making a mention of all opposition, including AR.
While the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) who's cumulative seats are relatively leading the opposition has not been explicit on the issue, Suggestions are that they too would go for anything but SWAPO.
The just-ended highly contested Regional and Local Authorities Elections saw the most divided votes in the history of Namibia.
Although the ruling party retained most of its strongholds, the party lost a significant number of constituencies, including in the key economic hubs of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund to IPC.
At local authority level, the party won the majority of seats, although in some places their seats are below the combined opposition seats.
Opposition coalitions will make it hard for SWAPO to hold powerful strategic positions such as that of the mayor, deputy mayor and chairperson of the management committee. Nominations and swearing-in ceremonies countrywide are slated for next week.