Oshakati family lose belongings in fire incident

Oshakati family lose belongings in fire incident
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A six-member family in the Oshakati West Constituency is still sleeping in the open, after a fire gutted their shack last week Thursday and left them without a roof over their heads.
The head of the family Nangula Kakololo, 46, in an interview on Tuesday said the fire destroyed their two-bedroom dwelling with its kitchen and lounge.
“We are now impoverished and will depend on the handouts from the people of goodwill,” Kakololo stated.
She went on to say that on Tuesday morning, the councillor of their constituency, Andreas Johannes, visited the family and provided them with a bag of mahangu.
Before Johannes’ visit, Kakololo said, some individual neighbours and relatives offered them a helping hand by also providing them with food items, tents and blankets.
The fire destroyed the shack around 15h00, after the family’s 4-year-old boy played with matches which resulted in their home burning down.
Although the parents were also around, they noticed the fire only when one of them saw smoke coming out of the house and alerted the others who were resting under a tree.
“I rushed to the house with a bucket of water, but by then the fire had already covered the entrance,” said Kakololo.
She indicated that the local fire brigade was called, but failed to extinguish the fire immediately as their water tank was small and went empty.
The members of the family lost their national and personal documents and most of their belongings were destroyed in the fire.
“We are now in dire need of clothing and bedding,” said Kakololo, who ekes out a living through street vending while the other family members are either school children of without a formal job.