Oshana 'disoriented' by 2020 challenges

Oshana 'disoriented' by 2020 challenges
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The much anticipated year 2020 which clocked a new decade has come with a set of challenges which made it difficult for individuals and businesses to redeem themselves.
The marking of a decade is deemed more exciting as it brings prospects of fresh beginnings to reach new heights along with prosperity, coupled with personal growth.
However, this excitement was short-lived as challenges continued to surface in the early days of 2020.
Hot on the heels of the prolonged drought, as many farmers were hopeful that they will get good harvest but saw their crop fields submerged due to unprecedented rainfall during January and February leaving a trail of destruction.
Majority of oshanas and wild planes have sufficient grazing and water to last for the next few years.
But, many animals have perished last year and farmers are now left with no choice but to rely on Government assistance to rebuild their lives.
Just at the end of the rainy season comes another challenge, the outbreak of the much talked about COVID-19.
President of the Namibia National Farmers’ Union (NNFU) and Oshana Regional Farmers Union Chairman Jason Emvula said, "many of the cattle farmers depleted their bank accounts by trying to buy supplements and fodder for their cattle, but it didn't work out for them because the money was used, but the cattle didn't survive the drought."
The devastating pandemic saw the temporary closure of some businesses, with hundreds of job losses and salary cuts.
Small and medium business enterprises which form part of the informal economy were brought on their knees and despite Government's intervention, many are still failing to stabilise their earnings.
Oshana Governor Elia Irimari said, "now come 2020, immediately when people were busy planning for the year ahead, all of a sudden the unexpected enemy the unseen one erupted. This completely disoriented us, the business community and the entire community was disoriented in terms of not knowing whether to continue with normal lifestyle or to redirect our normal lifestyle."
However, despite this, many believe the outbreak of COVID-19 has also improved service delivery in the public sector and forced many businesses to come up with innovative ways in order to keep afloat.
Embracing the new normal has proven effective as many businesses and individuals have now been forced to think beyond their comfort zone in order to make a living.
With over half of 2020 having passed by, communities continue to adhere to set regulations in hope to stall the infection rates.
Hygiene practices which have since taken centre stage are expected to permanently last beyond the peak of the pandemic.