Parliament resumes 8 September

Parliament resumes 8 September
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Namibian Parliament

The Second session of the Seventh Parliament will resume on 8 September.
As per Parliamentary Calendar for the year 2020, the National Assembly will be in session from 8 September until 26 November.
In August, the National Assembly managed to install a new operating system in the chamber which will minimise the usage of papers and eventually pave the way for a paperless House.
The development is in line with Parliament's long term vision towards becoming an e-parliament.
In keeping with the requirements under the ‘new normal’ and regulations aimed at reducing the further spread of COVID-19, only 50 MPs will be allowed on the floor of the House while the rest of the MPs will be accommodated in the galleries.
The Seventh Parliament has so far passed the Appropriation Bill, Access to Information Bill and the Financial Institutions and Markets Bill, among others.