PDM to launch urban land resettlement policy

PDM to launch urban land resettlement policy
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The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) plans to launch a policy in the coming weeks to address urban land resettlement.
Its president, McHenry Venaani revealed the envisaged launch of the One Namibian, One Plot policy during a recent visit to Ncuma road in Rundu.
Landless residents of the town have been camping at the area as they seek to receive plots for residence from the Rundu Town Council.
Venaani the policy aims to provide people living in urban areas with land to live on.
He said people living on urban land should be resettled in the same manner as those, who are resettled on farms due to their need for farming land.
Venaani said the PDM's predecessor (DTA's) 2014 manifesto proposed urban land resettlement on the same terms as those of the current resettlement programme that looks at farmers.
The official opposition party leader said needy Namibians earning less than two-thousand-dollars a month should get plots in towns across the country.
He said Namibia is big and can afford to give every Namibian land to live on.