PDM registers new name at the Electoral Commission

PDM registers new name at the Electoral Commission
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Namibia's newly rebranded official opposition party, the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), has officially applied to be registered by the new name at the Electoral Commission.
The party last weekend changed its name from the DTA of Namibia to the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM).
This is in compliance with Section 138 of the Electoral Act 5 of 2014, which states that a political party wishing to change its name should notify the Commission in writing.
Handing over the documents to the Chief Electoral Officer, PDM national chairperson, Jennifer van der Heever, said members of the party were thoroughly consulted on the name change before it was approved and adopted on Saturday at an extra-ordinary congress.
Professor Paul Isaack of the Electoral Commission, who received the documents, told PDM party leaders that other political parties would be given a chance to object or agree with the changes, before the new name will be changed and gazetted.
Besides the name change from DTA to PDM, the party's distinctive symbol also got a new look - the hand signalling the internationally recognised symbol of peace has the party colours red, white and blue running through it.
The PDM also handed in its new Constitution to the Electoral Commission.