Poor customer service causes direct revenue loss for Namibia

Poor customer service causes direct revenue loss for Namibia
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Poor customer service has a negative impact on the environment and tourism industry and causes direct revenue loss for Namibia.
Speaking at the opening of Shikamasha Etosha Lodge in Oshikoto Region on Friday, Minister Pohamba Shifeta said there had been an outcry in terms of customer-service delivery.
He emphasised that service delivery adds value to the industry as it serves as the image of the country beyond borders through tourists.
Shifeta warned that poor service delivery will result in fewer tourists visiting the country, as customers mostly air their bad experiences on social media platforms and word of mouth, impacting on the interest of other tourists.
He noted that there is a need to improve customer service, not only in the tourism industry, but in all other sectors.
He advised that managers and business owners train employees to understand the importance of customer-service and boost business, to keep the local commercial fraternity compatible globally.
Shifeta noted that the tourism industry had shown high growth since 2016, with accommodation recording nearly 60% occupancy rates annually countrywide.