Poverty levels in Namibia have declined - Tom Alweendo

Poverty levels in Namibia have declined - Tom Alweendo
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Economic Planning Minister Tom Alweendo, says poverty levels in Namibia have declined.
Motivating the budget allocation in the National Assembly on Friday, Alweendo said national poverty had declined by 10% in the past six years.
He said the level of poverty was 28% in 2009-and-10, but was 18% in the 2015/16 financial year.
He ascribed the improvement to government interventions, implemented as part of National Development Plan, NDP-4, and the Harambee Prosperity Plan.
He however lamented the country's high unemployment rate, and urged for measures from both the public and the private sectors, to deal with the issue.
These should include resource allocation for skills development, and growth injections into several sectors of the economy.
Alweendo announced that government will soon launch NDP-5.
This Development Plan will aim to achieve inclusive, sustainable and equitable economic growth, to build capable and healthy human resources; ensure sustainable environment and enhance resilience; and promote good governance through effective institutions.