President Geingob reschedules national clean-up campaign

President Geingob reschedules national clean-up campaign
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After initially suggesting 1 May for the envisaged national clean-up campaign President Hage Geingob has decided to move it to 25 May following objections from trade unions.
The Presidency tweeted on Wednesday, “after careful consideration of external pressures bearing on the choice of May Day for the Clean-Up campaign, President Hage G. Geingob reschedules the campaign for 25 May 2018. President Geingob emphasises the importance of cleaner environments for a healthier nation.”
The Presidency followed that up by a press statement confirming the move.
A letter, circulating on social media, from the Presidency to Secretary to Cabinet, George Simataa stated, “as a means to effectively prepare for this day, I have directed regional governors, in partnership with local authorities, to coordinate the process nationwide – by mobilising communities in their respective regions to clean up our towns, suburbs and villages on the above-mentioned date.”
NUNW’s Job Muniaro told NBC News that the union umbrella body agrees to 25 May for the campaign as they have earlier objected to Worker’s Day being earmarked for the clean-up campaign.