RA urged not to compromise quality work in the appointment of contractors

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Works and Transport Deputy Minister James Sankwasa has urged the Roads Authority (RA) not to compromise quality work in the appointment of contractors.
Sankwasa says the RA should focus on allocating tenders to contractors who have adequate technical capacity and financial means to complete a project within the specified time and according to set standards.
Officially opening the Epako-Omuvelo road in the Omusati Region on Wednesday, the Deputy Minister said the ministry demanded quality roads and would not accept sub-standard work, but value for money.
The tender for the road, which links the region to the Angolan border at Omuvelo-wakasamane, was first awarded to a Namibian company, Dolly Investment and Tix Investment in a joint venture.
Work on the 34-million dollar project was going on for one year, but the company failed to complete the project.
This prompted the RA to cancel the contract and give it to a Chinese contractor, China Longjian investments, at a revised cost of approximately 41-million dollars.