Rehoboth Town Council remains on ministry's radar

Rehoboth Town Council remains on ministry's radar
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The Rehoboth Town Council remains on the radar of the Urban and Rural Development Ministry following double salary payments for the month of January to some of its staff members.
Minister Peya Mushelenga says the double salary payment is an indication that the council still needs to do more to strengthen its internal checks and balances.
Incidences of lack of accountability, poor management and maladministration remain a challenge to some local authorities.
The overpayment, amounting to N$27 000, was made to the council's staff members in the electricity department Mushelenga says his ministry will continue to guide the Rehoboth Town Council and enforce accountability.
The minister has also been assured by the council that it is addressing the matter and corrective measures have already been taken, which will include the recovery of the overpaid money from the staff members, and arrangements to this effect have already been made.
The Rehoboth Town Council was suspended in 2018 for failing to perform its duties as required by law.
The suspension came after an investigation by the ministry which uncovered irregularities, including poor and lack of financial management and accountability.
The council was later reinstated after a meeting with the minister.
The town council also owes NamPower N$124 million.