St Boniface learners accuse principal of dictatorship

St Boniface learners accuse principal of dictatorship
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Learners of St Boniface College in the Kavango East Region on Thursday held a peaceful demonstration, claiming that teachers do not respect their rights and that the school’s principal, Mary Phillis Yesudasan, runs the school like a “dictator”.
A petition containing a number of grievances was read by a member of the learners’ representative council, Orquidia Moises, which said the school should stop its unreasonable suspension and punishment of learners for petty issues.
She said learners should be given a platform to explain themselves when they are in trouble and teachers and hostel supervisors should “stop propagating for themselves to look right” when something happens, further noting that adults are not always right.
“The principal should stop ruling the school as if it is a dictatorship. She is not God. Things cannot be done according to her will because we matter as well,” said Moises.
According to the learners, three learners were suspended for allegedly playing football in the hostel and for walking around the school premises. One of the learners has alleged that he was assaulted by the hostel superintendent and forced to sleep outside.
In response, Yesudasan said she has to ensure discipline at the school and she is fine with being called a dictator if it means she is doing her job.
She added that the school was not aware of the alleged assault of the child and it was only determined after a thorough investigation.
“The school did not know that the child was beaten because it happened in the hostel during the night. If I could have known that, things could have been different,” she said.
Sambyu circuit inspector Raphael Dikuwa, who was present at the handing over of the petition said the matter will be forwarded to the board of directors of the school for investigation since St Boniface is a private school.
He said the directorate of education will only act on the matter once the board has pronounced itself.