Teachers have until 11 May to return to schools

Teachers have until 11 May to return to schools
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The Education Minister, Anna Nghipondoka said consultations with various stakeholders took place during stage one of the lockdown.
She said the ministry put measures in place to ensure that learning and teaching continue.
Nghipondoka said teachers were on special leave and have until 11 May to be travel back to their duty stations to prepare for the "grand opening for learners on 3 August".
Nghipondoka said private schools should adhere to the national health measures put in place to contain the spread of COVID-19, adding that private school learners come from "our communities".
She also said there are some private schools which do not write Namibian examinations but consultations are ongoing to determine the way forward.
She further said the pandemic is a national issue and people should not individualise the concerns of not knowing where to leave their little ones when they go to work but to rather ensure that their children are safe at home.
Education Executive Director, Sanet Steenkamp said the pandemic has presented a lot of uncertainty.
The ministry had to rework the academic calendar.
Steenkamp said, Microsoft training of trainers, who will train teachers to be able to offer education in a new way, is underway, adding that education through e-learning and printed materials will not count for formal assessments.
She also said parents should ensure that their children are kept enrolled in schools during this pandemic.
However, there is a need for private schools to relook at the fees since no extra-mural activities are taking place to allow for the affordability of school fees.
They said the ministry will have all the guidelines by Friday this week about the new normal way of learning.
Calling on the public not to panic but rather put their health first. She said the ministry is going to pick up where it left off.