Three persons admitted to Katima Mulilo State Hospital after inhaling smoke

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Three persons have been taken to the Katima Mulilo State Hospital in the Zambezi region after collapsing due to smoke from the town's dumping site on Monday morning.
Two trainees from the Zambezi Vocational Training Centre and a cleaner from the UNAM Campus had difficulties in breathing after inhaling the smoke.
Two UNAM Campus staff members and a lecturer had to leave for the town centre, waiting for the smoke to clear as they could not breath well.
The smoke, which reportedly started at the dumpsite at 3 O'clock this morning, has been a problem since 1997, as the town council burn expired food and other types of rubbish.
The site is less than 800 metres from the Zambezi Vocational Training Centre and UNAM Campus.
Two weeks ago, Environment and Tourism Minister Pohamba Shifeta visited the site and ordered its closure.
A new dumpsite has already been identified west of Katima Mulilo and preparations are under way to clear the area.