Tses SMEs stage peaceful demonstration

Tses SMEs stage peaceful demonstration
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Small business owners and members of the community on Thursday staged a peaceful demonstration at Tses in the //Karas Region, alleging that tenders are not awarded to local companies.
Close to 30 people took part in the demonstration and they handed over a petition to the Tses Village Council detailing their concerns.
Residents claim companies from the village are not given opportunities as the village council requires experience.
They are demanding these tenders and jobs for more experience to be gained.
The group said even though the registration dates for their companies are recent, it does not mean they do not have experience.
They further demanded that the council provide evidence of its claims that local companies do not complete projects once tenders are awarded to them.
The group gave the village council five working days to respond and provide feedback or else, they will take legal action.
Nampa understands the chief executive officer and chairperson of the village council are in Windhoek, having attended the second National Land Conference.