Tsumeb man first Namibian diagnosed with listeriosis

Tsumeb man first Namibian diagnosed with listeriosis
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A 41-year-old man from Tsumeb has become the first Namibian to be diagnosed with listeriosis since its outbreak in South Africa was linked recently to processed meat.
The man was admitted Monday at the Roman Catholic hospital in Windhoek after he was referred from Tsumeb in the Oshikoto Region.
Health Minister, Bernhard Haufiku said the patient had eaten a Vienna sausage he had bought at a local butchery.
Haufiku has warned Namibians not to consume food items like processed meat, imported from South Africa.
He said health inspectors have been deployed to all regions of Namibia, to inspect shops for products that have been linked to the outbreak.
He stressed that inspectors are further monitoring street vendors to ensure that they do not sell processed meat that shops have removed from their shelves.
Babies younger than 22-months and pregnant women are most vulnerable to Listeriosis poisoning, as they account for 62% of the 180-cases reported in South Africa since the outbreak.
Rainbow and Tiger processed meat products have been banned in southern Africa, after being linked to the outbreak.