TUN slams principals for permitting schooling amidst challenges

TUN slams principals for permitting schooling amidst challenges
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Teachers Union of Namibia (TUN) Secretary-General Mahongora Kavihuha has condemned some school principals for permitting schooling despite not having the World Health Organisation COVID-19 precautionary measures in place.
The secretary-general said some schools have commenced with face-to-face teaching while lacking water or ablution facilities.
Kavihuha made these remarks during a consultative meeting with principals and teachers on schools’ preparedness for face-to-face teaching in Opuwo in the Kunene Region on Tuesday.
He also said school principals should stop providing deceptive information about resuming with face-to-face schooling, saying it is risky and unjustifiable as numerous positive cases being reported daily recently.
“We have observed that there is a high degree of ignorance among some principals who cover up while COVID-19 checklist precautionary measures are not met, and to us as a union, it cannot be overlooked,” said Kavihuha.
He also urged educational regional directors to start dispensing truthful findings with regards to COVID-19 precautionary measure checklists for schools, asserting that directors should swallow their pride and report reality on the ground, assess better and rectify problems as education authorities.
He further said despite face-to-face teaching commencing, some rural schools do not meet requirements such as having clean running water and functioning ablution facilities and therefore these schools must be shut until these issues are rectified entirely.
Further, Kavihuha said the union is of the opinion that the government statement on voluntary face-to-face schooling commencement exposes the government’s inability to handle the COVID-19 situation.
“We have as a union requested the Government to only open the four main grades (Grade 7, 9, 11, 12) as some are transit grades and the others will have to sit for their national examination,” he said.
He noted that the union will be engaging all 14 regions whereby they will meet up with teachers and principals to discuss COVID-19 precautionary measures and share the best ways to handle the situation.