Usakos Town Council meets with Unik over railway line jobs

Usakos Town Council meets with Unik over railway line jobs
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Residents of Usakos and surrounding areas recently gathered on site of the ongoing railway refurbishment of the Kranzberg-Arandis railway line.
Residents of the area raised concern that Unik, who is contracted by the Ministry of Works and Transport, had brought in people from outside the area and employed them as unskilled labourers.
Town Council of Usakos called for a meeting. "The meeting, among other things, discussed the progress on the project so far, employment creation, community engagement, and corporate social responsibility," said Aksel Shuudeni Mwafangeyo, the Mayor of Usakos.
He said the Usakos Town Council and Unik entered into a site rental agreement with Unik Construction in February 2020 already. Mwafangeyo says that the site establishment process started early March.
He said measures put in place to curb the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic caused major implementation delays.
On the issue of employment of non-locals, the mayor informed NBC News that the railway construction phase when in full swing, will employ at least 80 people.
"Usakos Town Council and Unik Construction have agreed that locals will be recruited based on voters cards and municipal bills to avoid people from outside Usakos and Stinkbank gaining an advantage.
"Recruitment for the railway construction will start during the second week of October and Unik will help guide the process," he said.