Venaani confident PDM will retain Opuwo constituency in the upcoming elections

Venaani confident PDM will retain Opuwo constituency in the upcoming elections
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Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) leader, McHenry Venaani is confident the party will retain the Opuwo Rural Constituency in the upcoming Regional Council and Local Authority elections.
Venaani said this at Otuzemba Village in the Opuwo Rural constituency, where he welcomed former NUDO Kunene Regional councilor, Karee Mupia and about four hundred others.
Venaani said, "we are here to seal the fate of PDM with history by recapturing this area. Opuwo rural shall remain in the hands of PDM for the next 30 years by consolidating the support we are gaining here, will give us a very expectations journey as we are marching towards 2020 regional and local authority election."
With new members joining, Venaani says this will accelerate the political programmes of the PDM to win 2020 elections.
He urged other emerging political movements not to divide the votes of opposition parties unnecessarily but instead work towards consolidating the votes.
He further said, "let us not divide the vote unnecessary. Let's engage. I have already penned a letter to all opposition formations of this country, small or big, new or old, friend or foe, to speak about the need of consolidating the opposition vote to make sure that we take a strong lead in the national council. I hope that my request will not fall on deaf ears, and we are ready to engage in a win-win in the broader interest of the people of this country."
Among those who joined the party were Karee Mupia, a former Mayor of Opuwo, who also served as NUDO's councillor from 1992 until 1998, and from 2010 to 2015.
Mupia said, "thanks very much to accept me again in my original party. I will start my work very freshly."