Youth unemployment in southern Africa a crisis

Youth unemployment in southern Africa a crisis
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Unemployment, especially among the youth, is reaching devastating proportions in Southern Africa.
Secretary General of the Namibia Employers' Federation, Tim Parkhouse, has described the situation as a crisis.
But he says measures have been developed to address the crisis - such as through the Walvis Bay Declaration, signed last week when Employers' Organisations from East, Central and Southern Africa met for a conference in Walvis Bay.
The conference brainstormed among participating employers' representatives from the sub-region, exchanging ideas and best practice experiences on how to develop appropriate skills and create enough jobs for the region's young people.
Parkhouse says addressing youth unemployment should continue to be seen as a priority for all countries in Southern Africa.
The Employers' Federation vows to work with all employers in the East, Central and Southern African region to advance the development and empowerment of young people.
The African Development Bank and the East, Central and Southern Africa Employers Organisations want to foster co-operation between employers, workers and governments, to create 25 million jobs throughout Africa in the next ten years.