Zimbabwe churches pray for Mugabe to go

Zimbabwe churches pray for Mugabe to go
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Church denominations, under the umbrella of the United Citizens Alliance in Zimbabwe, held a short meeting during lunch hour in Harare on Monday to call and pray for the removal of President Robert Mugabe from office.
The alliance will draw up a united citizen’s manifesto this week to ensure members speak with one voice on Mugabe's removal.
They want this to happen either through resignation or impeachment in parliament.
They want a non-partisan approach for a Zimbabwe which provide for all citizens equally.
The churches promised to continue with their pressure and see the departure of the long serving Mugabe.
The same sentiment was also echoed by some members of the public who our news team spoke to, maintaining that his departure will ensure an improved life for all Zimbabweans.
Some war veterans also called for immediate changes to save Zimbabwe.
They feel that Mugabe is a good statesman but that his time has come to step down and give power to new blood while he is concentrating on writing memoirs and provide needed advice to the new generation.
Meanwhile, life is the capital Harare is back to normal after a mass demonstration in Harare on Saturday calling for Mugabe to go