Tura Magic moves into second spot on the NPL Log

Tura Magic moves into second spot on the NPL Log

After collecting only one point against UNAM over the weekend, Tura Magic initially dropped from second to fourth spot on the table.

They then faced Citizens who lost their previous game against Tigers on Tuesday night at the Sam Nujoma Stadium.

Tura Magic made their intent clear from the word go as Brave Warriors defender Charles Hambira scored from the corner kick in the first three minutes.

Magic did not give Citizens time to recover from that one nil, and it quickly became two nil as Tjiveta Katjimune did this...

Then, Magic was awarded a penalty after Citizens goalkeeper Jonas Matheus misjudged the ball in the box.

Magic's leading goal scorer Itamunua Keimuine made no mistake from the spot and it was three goals to nil in no time.

Magic were then awarded another penalty, but now it was Citizens defender Rinozeu Tjitemisa who mis-timed his challenge.

Junias Theophelus took the responsibility and made it four goals to nil for Magic.

There was no place to hide for Citizens as free flowing Tura Magic eventually got another strike through Theophelus again.

Tura Magic was leading by five goals to nil at the break.

Citizens came back as a more organised team in the second half and created chances but they could not capitalize.

With Citizens not scoring Tura Magic had the final say as Keimuine scored his second.

So, it ended Citizens 0 Tura Magic 6, the victory elevate Magic back to the second spot on the table.