The Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service has recalled Timo Tjongarero as NFA Technical Director with immediate effect.

Tjongarero has been in that position since November 2008 after former Technical Director Claus Starke's contract has come to an end.

But, Permanent Secretary in the line Ministry - Emma Kantema Gaomas, said the process was not done properly.

“We discovered that the Ministry has been paying a salary to Tjongarero for nearly 10 years now despite him not showing up for duty over the time at the Ministry”,

In a letter sent to NFA Secretary General Barry Rukoro from Kantema Gaomas, it states that no evidence of a secondment was found on record.

In a normal process, a Government agency should request for a secondment and then the process need to be channeled to the Office of the Prime Minister for a recommendation to be drafted, which was not the case.

Normally the Agency in this case the NFA will be fully responsible for the remuneration of the candidate.

Speaking to retired Director of Sport Dr. Vetumbuavi Veii, the agreement at the time was that when Starke was appointed in 2008, Tjongarero was seconded as an understudy.

The agreement was also that the Ministry will pay his salary in the interim.

NBC Sport Desk's investigation found no evidence of paper tails at the Human Resources office of the Ministry at Government Park and should this be an out of book secondment, the question is, what will then happen to Tjongarero and the double payment he has been receiving for 10 years?