Mwiya warns of danger at non-registered Sports Events


Windhoek-The Chief Administrator of the Namibia Sports Commission, Freddy Mwiya, has advised people to distance themselves from organising carelessly implemented and sometimes illegal sport events, saying that these put sportsmen and women into potentially dangerous situations.
While applauding the Namibian public for their efforts in trying to promote sport activities in the country, Freddy Mwiya, made it clear this week that rules and policies need to be followed.
Mwiya has always believed that some sport codes require strict guidance. This means that if regulations are not adhered to, it can put sportsmen and women into dangerous scenarios.
When discussing the issue, he specifically referred to contact sport.
“When you talk about contact sport, there are some measures that one has to take into consideration. Look at sport(s) like boxing, martial arts or karate, so I believe there is a need to comply in terms of that federation’s requirements. They will be able to give you what is needed to organise a tournament” said Mwiya.
He thus urged the public at large to be careful when organising tournaments without the assistance of the respective from sport federations.
“As much as we want to get involved in different sport activities, it’s much safer to follow formal structures that are in place in the country. We are so fortunate that even on regional level, even on constituency level, most of the sport codes now have structures. Try to report your activities at the structure level, and you can be assisted - not only with financial issues, but also how to organise an event, what is needed and we may end up to be on the safe side” explained Mwiya.
The issue of safety at sport events came to the fore during a boxing tournament during the Opuwo Expo recently, where a young boxer allegedly lost his life upon his arrival at the hospital after he suffered a heavy blow in the ring.