Police investigate Okahandja, Windhoek car accident

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Police are investigating a case of culpable homicide, and of driving under the influence of alcohol following the death of a 32-year-old woman.

Okahandja residents celebrate Independence Day in style

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-Residents of Okahandja celebrated Independence Day in style as a convoy of vehicles and bikers paraded from Fyf Rand area through the town.

Okahandja activists demand State oppose former Okahandja councillor's bail

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-A group of activists gathered at the Okahandja Magistrate's Court, demanding the State oppose bail in the case where a former SWAPO regional councillor for Okahandja Constituency is accused of rape and incest charges.

Okahandja soup kitchen struggles with COVID-19 prevention regulations

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-A vulnerable children's soup kitchen in Okahandja's Vergenoeg informal settlement is unable to observe the COVID-19 prevention regulations as they have no access to the basics.

Okahandja man arrested for allegedly raping a seven-year-old girl

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-A 56-year-old man is expected to appear in the Okahandja Magistrate’s Court on Monday for allegedly raping a seven-year-old girl.

Days of corrupt councilors are over in Okahandja - Mayor

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-The newly elected leadership of the Okahandja Municipality will conduct audits to ensure that councilors do not make the public office a haven for a quick road to illicit wealth, its new mayor, Natasha Brinkman has said.

Okahandja residents receive certificates of land ownership

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-Residents of Okahandja were overjoyed as they received certificates of land ownership from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development under the accelerated land delivery programme.

Chaos at Ekunde 5 in Okahandja over certificates of land ownership

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Chaos almost erupted at Ekunde 5 in Okahandja as the Minister of Urban and Rural Development was to give certificates of land ownership to police officers.

Okahandja services over 500 plots

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-More than 500 plots have been serviced at Okahandja.

Okahandja to make 50 serviced plots available to residents

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-Meanwhile, ministerial caretaker Linus //Garoeb says the council is working tirelessly to make at least 50 serviced plots available to the residents of Okahandja in the next two weeks.