Shaningwa summons Swapo's Okahandja councilors to meeting

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Okahandja craft vendors welcome decision to build new open-market

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Vendors who sell wooden crafts in Okahandja have welcomed a decision by the council to build a new open market at the town.

Okahandja to formalise 5 000 informal erven in various settlements

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The Okahandja Town Council plans to formalise over 5 000 informal erven in various settlements, such as Saamstan, Five Rand, and Nau Uib.

Okahandja residents scuffle with police at Human Rights Day commemoration

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Chaos broke out at the commemoration of Human Rights Day and Namibia's Women's Day in Okahandja as a woman had to be physically restrained by police officers.

Okahandja mayor says town residents are stalling university plan

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Okahandja mayor Johannes 'Congo' Hindjou blames a handful of concerned residents for stalling the process of setting up the university.

Okahandja university delays cause headache for investors

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Resistance by some Okahandja residents is delaying the setting up of an international university at the town.

Okahandja residents clash with town council over alleged corrupt practices

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Okahandja residents are up in arms over the alleged failure by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development to investigate allegations of corruption and poor service delivery at the town.

Okahandja cleanup efforts paying off

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-After struggling for years to keep the town of Okahandja clean there are now improvements following regular cleaning up campaigns held since last year.

Chinese company helps clean up Okahandja streets

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A Chinese company recently took the lead in cleaning up the town of Okahandja.

Okahandja residents grab land illegally

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-It's been nearly three years since the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development gave a directive to the Okahandja Town Council not to sell land due to irregularities.