Okakarara Town Council to upgrade its drainage system

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-The Okakarara Town Council plans to upgrade its old drainage system to be able to handle additional pressure.

Okakarara communal farmers prepare crop fields for good rainfall received

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-Communal farmers in Okakarara Constituency are wasting no time in setting up gains from good rainfall received, and most have already started preparing their crop fields.

Okakarara achieve goals despite economic downturn

by editor1 / Dec 15, 2020 / 0 comments
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Despite the economic downturn experienced this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Okakarara Town Council managed to accomplish some of the developmental goals such as land delivery and water provision, among others.

NUDO says they will reclaim Okakarara, Otjinene, Aminius and Omatako constituencies

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NUDO says it will continue to be in charge of Okakarara, Otjinene, Aminius, and Omatako constituencies. The party is also confident of winning the majority of seats in the Okakarara and Otjinene local authorities.

Farmers discuss ways to improve the agricultural sector at Coblenz

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-A group of peers at Otja-Hosea met at Coblenz in the Okakarara Constituency to discuss ways on how to improve the agricultural sector, one of the key driving force in the country's economy.

Otumborombonga Village to be electrified under MME's rural electrification programme

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-Otumborombonga Village in the Okakarara Constituency could soon be electrified under the Ministry of Mines and Energy's (MME) rural electrification programme.

Okakarara street vendors to be temporarily accommodated at the trade fair centre

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-All street vendors at Okakarara will be temporarily accommodated at the town's trade fair centre.

Okakarara farming community challenged by lack of technical support

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-Lack of technical agricultural support and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on livestock prices is posing a challenge on the farming community in the Okakarara area.

Okakarara community urged to harvest rainwater

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-The Okakarara Constituency Councillor, Vetaruhe Kandorozu has encouraged communities hit hard by the drought to harvest rainwater.

Teachers at Okakarara Secondary School urged to prepare before presenting lessons

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-The acting principal of the Okakarara Secondary School in the Otjozondjupa Region says the new curriculum can only deliver the desired results, if teachers are well prepared for their lessons in advance.