Debushing project launched at Okombahe

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-The Social Security Commission in partnership with the Rossing Foundation has revived a de-bushing project in Okombahe to halt the spread of the invasion prosopis trees in that area.
Prosopis trees are a threat to biodiversity.

#BusinessToday | Old Okombahe community hall turned into bakery

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-The old Okombahe community hall has been turned into a bakery.

Damara Traditional and Cultural Festival attracts a large turnout

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-The 39th Damara Traditional and Cultural Festival this year has attracted a large turnout.

Senior citizens of Okombahe battle effects of drought

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-Senior citizens at Okombahe in the Erongo Region continue to battle the effects of drought.

Okombahe will have to act drastically to beat poverty

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-Okombahe, a settlement in the Erongo Region, will have to act drastically and aggressively if it is to develop and beat poverty.