Opposition MPs accuse Defence Minister of intimidating them

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-Defence Minister Rear Admiral Peter Hafeni Vilho warned that reducing his ministry's budget would render Namibia into a failed state.

DRC opposition leaders meet SADC Chairperson in Windhoek

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-The Movement for the Liberation of the Congo and Ensemble Party leaders have informed the Chairperson of SADC that their candidate Martin Fayulu is being prevented from campaigning peacefully.

Opposition MPs express mixed feelings about Appropriation Bill

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-Opposition Members of Parliament have expressed mixed feelings about the Appropriation Bill tabled by Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein on Wednesday.

NDP leader Martin Lukato calls on opposition parties to boycott 2019 elections

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-The National Democratic Party (NDP) is calling on all opposition parties to boycott the 2019 elections, if the current Electoral Commission of Namibia does not amended the electoral act before the 2019 elections.

Opposition raised against possible iron mine near Hosea Kutako Airport

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-The community living in the area near the Hosea Kutako Airport are not happy with the possible opening of an iron mine south of the airport.

Opposition MPs want President to suggest concrete measures to deal with corruption

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-Opposition MPs say they want the President to suggest concrete measures on how to deal with corruption, improve economic growth, remove the northern veterinary cordon fence and poverty eradication.

Mixed reaction from opposition after budget speech

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-Some opposition parties are still to analyse the budget, but feel that it is just a continuation of last year and did not meet the real expectations.