Opuwo Rural Constituency by-election set for July

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Opuwo Rural Constituency started its voter education campaign aimed to prepare the constituency for the upcoming by-elections, slated for July.

Over 500 households in drought stricken Kunene camp at Opuwo

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About 500 households are camping at Opuwo as a way of trying to survive the persistent drought.

Opuwo Town Council rubbishes claims of unfair land distribution

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-Opuwo Mayor Rosa Tjeundo has denied allegations that the town council is unfairly distributing land.

Thirteen-year-old girl allegedly raped at Opuwo

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-A 13-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a 46-year-old man at Opuwo on Friday.

Opuwo Rural Councillor urges Government to help farmers who lost 80% of their livestock

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-Opuwo Rural Constituency Councillor Uaurikua Kakuva has urged the Government to help farmers in his constituency who have lost more than 80% of their livestock due to the persistent drought.

Newly-elected Opuwo Urban Councillor grateful for support

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-An overwhelmed newly elected Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) Councillor for Opuwo Urban Constituency, Ueutjerevi Ngunaihe, could not hold back his gratitude to his supporters after he was declared the winner on Thursday.

PDM's Uaurikua Kakuva wins Opuwo Rural

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-Uaurikua Kakuva of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) has obtained 2 355 votes in the Opuwo Rural Constituency, defeating his closest rival Kapukatua Kuvare of NUDO who got 646 votes.

Opuwo Rural residents ask for Government services for their area

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-The residents of Opuwo Rural Constituency in the Kunene region want more Government and other basic services to brought to their area.

Opuwo PPP housing project kicks off

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-Opuwo Town Council has made available land to construct 208 houses through a public-private partnership (PPP) with Octagon Construction.

Opuwo Town Council suffers losses due to free water provision

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-The demand for water at Opuwo, particularly to service the informal settlements, has resulted in losses of more than N$1,3 million for the town council.