NamPol confiscate 'noisy' church's loudspeakers

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The Namibian Police at Oshakati in the Oshana Region have confiscated loudspeakers belonging to the New Jerusalem Ministry at the town's Oneshila settlement.

Three die in accident near Oshakati

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-Three people died in a car accident at Oshikuyu village on the Oshakati-Omungwelume road Friday night

Oshakati couple dies in murder-suicide

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-A 46-year-old man killed himself, after he allegedly shot and killed his 33-year-old wife at Ehenye in Oshakati Thursday.

SWAPO recalls six Oshakati town councillors

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-Six Swapo councillors who were sworn in two weeks ago, serving in the Oshakati Town Council, have been recalled.

Oshakati Mayor re-elected

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Oshakati's Mayor promised to serve residents of Oshakati diligently with the meagre resources at the council's disposal.

PDM central committee discusses elections strategy in Oshakati

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-The Popular Democratic Movement's (PDM) central committee met at Oshakati to discuss the growth of the party, as well as next year's parliamentary and presidential elections.

Oshakati human trafficking suspects' bail hearing postponed to Friday

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Oshakati Chief Magistrate Mika Namweya has postponed the bail application decision of two human trafficking suspect to Friday.

Oshakati Town Council fails to control mayhem at bus terminal

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The Oshakati Town Council is failing to exercise control over unauthorised bus and taxi terminals at the Okatana Service Station and in front of the Ministry of Finance's Receiver of Revenue office at the town.

Lions win Neymar Junior Five tournament

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-Windhoek-Lions from Oshakati made local football history when they beat Bethlehem 1-0 to represent Namibia at the Neymar Junior Five tournament in Sao Paulo, Brazil July.

Matricide accused appears in Oshakati Magistrate's Court

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-A 38-year-old man who allegedly killed his biological mother with a panga appeared in the Oshakati Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.