Rehabilitation of Oshakati-Oshikuku road commence

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-The rehabilitation and patching of potholes of the Oshakati and Oshikuku road has started.

RA opens dual carriageway from Oshakati-Outapi junction to Okatana-Ongwediva road

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-Roads Authority has opened a dual carriageway from main Oshakati-Outapi-Ruacana road junction to the Okatana-Ongwediva Onamutai road.

Oshakati Town Council to address informal settlements, flooding in budget

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-The Oshakati Town Council is seeking to address the growing number of informal settlements as well as the harm caused by annual flooding at the town during its 2020/21 financial year.

Lack of magistrates at Oshakati hampers finalisation of cases

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-Lack of magistrates at most courts, which fall under the Oshakati division, hampers the finalisation of cases within a reasonable time.

Oshakati bus operators stop providing transport services due to COVID-19 regulations

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-Bus owners and their drivers at Oshakati have stopped providing transport services in protest against the current state of emergency regulations, that require a vehicle to carry half of their permissible passenger capacity.

Oshakati starts distribution of COVID-19 relief food

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-Oshakati Town Council has started with the distribution of the COVID-19 food relief to residents of the town's informal settlement.

Oshakati woman arrested for selling homemade brew

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-A 31-year old resident of Onawa location at Oshakati in the Oshana Region was arrested this morning when she was caught red-handed selling a homemade alcoholic brew.

Oshakati residents claim they are not aware of mandatory wearing of masks

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-Our Oshakati NBC News team took to the streets to observe whether residents adhere to the mandatory wearing of face masks in the northern town.

Oshakati Town Council urges displaced residents to return home if water has subsided

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-Oshakati Town Council has advised residents whose houses were flooded, to go back if the water has subsided.

Oshakati,Ongwediva streets empty because of state of emergency

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-The towns of Oshakati and Ongwediva, known to always be a hive of activity, presents a different picture now as places that are usually full have become empty.